Welcome to Capto for Tablo (latin: to grab)

This app is a command line interface to grab videos from your Tablo and save them to your computer.
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You can download the latest version (v0.6) here:
Uncompress with: tar -zxvf capto*tgz

Installation instructions for Linux:

Installation instructions for MacOS:

Examples for using Capto:

You can also display some basic info about your Tablo:

# ./capto -i
[capto] name: tablo
[capto] ip:
[capto] version: 2.2.12
[capto] guide last updated: Sat Nov 05 03:07 2016
[capto] drive: Seagate BUP Slim BK 0304 (2000 GB)
[capto] usage: 0.89gB / 1.88gB (0.99gB free)
[capto] tuners:
[capto]         [1] Not in use
[capto]         [2] Not in use
[capto]         [3] Not in use
[capto]         [4] Not in use